About Us

Welcome to Sydney Pet Dentistry! Our core belief is that every animal deserves a healthy, pain-free mouth. We aim to advance the health and welfare of animals through high quality veterinary dentistry, education and research.

Dental disease is the number one problem in our pets. Gum disease, broken or abscessed teeth, orthodontic problems and many other oral conditions can be painful for our pets, yet they often remain undetected for years. We are working with all parts of the community (including veterinarians, vet nurses and pet owners) to increase awareness and knowledge of these diseases, as early detection and treatment improves our pets’ health and quality of life.

We offer clinical services for a growing list of advanced or difficult dental procedures, as well as educational programs aimed at improving the provision of dentistry services in general practice. These programs are flexible and can involve veterinarians, nurses and pet owners. We are also passionate about improving our understanding of dental issues in our patients and are involved in research projects to achieve this.