Off to Boston

Well, it’s that time of the year again, the Veterinary Dental Forum is on later this week in Boston and I am excited to head over for a hefty dose of dental immersion therapy. I will be back (with all the latest dental information) at the Animal Referral Hospital on Thursday 17

Catch us in Dogs NSW Magazine – November 2011

If you subscribe to Dogs NSW magazine, you might have already caught the feature in the November issue on Dental Care which Christine contributed to. If not, the exciting news is that, from this month, the magazine is available to all in digital format on the web. Like Sydney Pet Dent

Pet Dental Health Month – August 2011

PDHM is a great opportunity to spread the word about the importance of dental care in our pets. This year’s pet dental health month received lots of media coverage. As Christine is the Pet Dental Health Month Coordinator for the Australian Veterinary Dental Society, she featured

Continuing Dental Education for Vets – Now at the ARH

Sydney Pet Dentistry and the Animal Referral Hospital are excited to announce that we will be holding regular dental training programs for veterinarians wishing to improve their dental skills and knowledge. Topics we plan to cover over the next few months include surgical extractions,

AVA Conference in Adelaide

Christine recently attended the Australian Veterinary Association Conference in Adelaide. Aside from having fun catching up with other dentally-fixated vets from across Australia (and Canada!), she presented three talks, and was a tutor for both the beginner and intermediate dental wo

Talk to the Humans

Christine was recently invited to speak at the NSW Public Oral Health Conference in Wollongong on 11-12 May. For a change, her audience were a human dentists, rather than vets. She spoke about the world of veterinary dentistry, including some of the differences in treating animals com

Root Canals at the Speed of Light

Christine’s favourite new tool is her rotary endodontic system, Lightspeed. Used for root canal therapy, this motorised system can speed up the procedure for your pet, meaning less time under anaesthesia. Christine was introduced to this system when in the USA recently, and cann

FDA Dog Teeth Warning – No Bones About It!

One of the most common problems we see are broken dog teeth Р specifically slab fractures of the upper carnassials. These are the big teeth on the side of the mouth that dogs chew with in a scissor-like action. When they fracture the whole side of the tooth snaps off, resulting

iPhone / Smartphone Compatibility – Now You Can Have All Our Great Posts on Your Smartphone

We have just made our website compatible with most touch screen phones such as the iPhone and Blackberry. When viewed from a compatible phone the website will be optimised and made extremely lightweight to deal specifically with mobile devices – but still with all the trimmings

Veterinary Nurse Training – Everyday Skills to be Proud of

Christine has been running nurse workshops on behalf of Crampton Consulting in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The workshops have been very well received, with an emphasis on the following: Practical techniques Equipment use and maintenance Welfare in veterinary dentistry Disease reco