Pet Dental Vet Dr Christine Hawke on the Importance of Doggy Dentistry

Dental vet and founder of Sydney Pet Dentistry, Dr Christine Hawke, believes that every pet deserves a healthy, pain free mouth. Unfortunately an estimated 80% of dogs and cats have dental disease, often going unnoticed by their owners. Pet dental problems can go on for years without

What is Involved in a Referral to Sydney Pet Dentistry?

Once the appointment is arranged things are pretty straight forward. Don’t feed your pet on the morning of the consultation in case general anaesthesia is required. If possible make sure your pet goes to the toilet beforehand as well. Aim to arrive approximately 10 mins prior to

Are You a Specialist Veterinary Dentist?

Christine is not a specialist veterinary dentist. She has done further study and training in small animal dentistry, and has limited her clinical practice to this field since 2007. Christine attained membership of the Veterinary Dentistry Chapter of the Australian College of Veterinar

Do You Do Housecalls?

No, we do not do housecalls – all consultations and procedures are carried out in veterinary hospitals.

How Can I Make an Appointment with Sydney Pet Dentistry?

Clinical cases are seen by appointment. Sydney Pet Dentistry consults at the Animal Referral Hospital on Thursdays from 8.30am-10.30am. The Animal Referral Hospital is located at 250 Parramatta Road, Homebush, NSW 2140. To book an appointment contact the Animal Referral Hospital direc

Do You Have a Referral Sheet?

Our referral sheet or the Animal Referral Hospital referral sheet can be downloaded without registering.