New Sydney Pet Dentistry Website Launched

Sydney Pet Dentistry’s new interactive website has just been launched. Some of the new features include: A much improved ability for clients and industry professionals to ‘talk’ and comment within the website and share content with your friends and associates. We wou

Email Enquiry Form

We would love to hear from you! Email about anything related to pet dentistry to: Your email will be delivered privately to us and will be answered privately. Otherwise feell free to comment below. Comments of a general nature may be posted as comme

Dog Breath is Not Normal! Why Your Pets Breath is so Horrible

Bad dog breath is not normal! ‘Dog breath’ is usually due to infection in the mouth. Plaque bacteria produce foul smelling compounds including hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg gas). As the infection progresses, pockets of pus and dead tissue accumulate around the teeth. Trappe

Do You Do Housecalls?

No, we do not do housecalls – all consultations and procedures are carried out in veterinary hospitals.