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Saving Teeth – Alternatives To Extraction

Small Dog Big Smile Ebook Cover
This book has been written to help you understand why dental extractions are often recommended for dogs and cats with dental disease, and when alternative treatments to save teeth might be worth considering.

The advantages and disadvantages of different dental procedures are discussed, to help you make an informed decision with your vet on the best treatment options for your pet’s dental problems.

Saving teeth Sydney Pet Dentistry
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Small Dog, Big Smile

Small Dog Big Smile Ebook CoverIf you have a small dog then the risks of dental disease are huge. This is Book 3 on our ebook series and the focus is very much on small dogs and the specific dental problems they have.

  •  Why small mouths are at big risk of dental disease
  • How overcrowding of teeth leads to increased dental infection and jaw fracture
  • What missing teeth may indicate, and why they need to be investigated
  • How undererupted teeth cause painful problems
  • Why retained baby teeth pose a particular threat to small dogs
  • Early intervention options that minimise the risk of future tooth loss
Small dog ebook
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The Silent Pain of Dental Disease

If you have a dog or a cat of any age you want to know that your pet is comfortable. Dental disease is the most common cause of pain in our pets but you would usually not know. Pets are very good at hiding pain!

Dental disease pain bookThis is book 2 in a series of dental ebooks and covers topics such as:

  • Is dental disease such a big deal?
  • Seven pet dentistry myths debunked (such as bad breath being normal)
  • How can I tell if my pet has dental pain?
  • What to do if your pet has dental pain
  • Things you can do to prevent your pet suffering dental pain
This book will make you more aware of dental problems and guide you on what to do about them. It means you can rest comfortably and so can your pet.
The Silent Pain of Pet Dental Disease
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Common Dental Problems For Competition Dogs – Puppy Problems

Common Dental Problems In Puppies

Do you breed or show dogs? Does your dog compete in sporting events? Do you have a puppy and want to know if it has a ‘good bite’?  A healthy mouth is important for all dogs, and the first few months of development are critical in determining whether your dog will have a happy smile or a lifetime of dental pain.

I am frequently surprised by some of the myths I hear about dog jaw development and abnormal bites, especially when it comes to genetics and nutrition. I have written this book to help dispel some of these myths. It also provides handy information on treatment options if your puppy does have a dental problem, and when to contact a vet for advice.

This book is the first in a series on common dental problems which are particularly relevant to  breeding, showing, working and sporting dogs (but equally applicable to pet dogs too!). It is free of charge and it contains a real wealth of information that can help you understand and deal appropriately with dental problems before it is too late.

Common Dental Problems for Competition Dogs
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