Dental Skills Workshop

The aim of this course is to develop practical dental skills for vets and nurses through hands-on training. Detailed practical guidance in the following areas is undertaken:

  • Identification and use of equipment and the correct methods of handling equipment
  • Foundation dental procedures – charting, oral examination, periodontal probing and professional scaling and polishing
  • Extraction and local anaesthetic techniques
  • Other requested procedures depending on the available time

To maximise the practical learning experience it is strongly recommended that the Discovering Dentistry program be completed prior to the workshop, including the practice audit process. However it may be implemented as a stand-alone workshop.


A session of three (3) hours at a time to suit the practice.

A maximum of 6 people is suggested to maximise the learning experience. This is based on previous experience. An extra tutor would be required for more then 6 participants and would incur a similar additional fee structure. Travel and accommodation expenses would also apply outside the Sydney area and facility hire fees would apply if the workshop is not performed in the practice.

CPD Points

Six (6) CPD / VetEd points are awarded to veterinarians for the course. For AVA members these will be automatically lodged with the AVA.


The Dental Skills workshop is best performed in your own practice. It gives us the chance to assess your equipment and your staff more thoroughly and allows all staff to participate in the training. This equates to the best possible return for your training dollars.