Discovering Dentistry Day

This is an introductory course that aims to give an assessment of current dental practices, a theoretical overview and practical demonstration of basic dental procedures.

The Discovering Dentistry Day program starts with a practice audit of knowledge, skills and equipment that will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your dental services. This will allow us to tailor an educational program to best suit your practice. It should be noted that major equipment deficiencies are best addressed before commencing the programs.

Detailed discussion, lectures and the provision of written materials is then undertaken in the following areas:

  • Dental equipment and setup. This would include instrument identification and purpose, dental pack stocking, sterilization of packs and getting the most from the dental base
  • Maintenance of the equipment and the dental base.
  • Foundation dental procedures – charting, oral examination, using the perio probe to identify disease, professional scaling & polishing, extraction techniques and local anaesthetic techniques.

A written report will follow with recommendations for further improvement.


Eight (8) hours. This is normally done as a working day, but could be started around lunchtime and extended into the evening if required – flexibility around the running of the practice is a key point.

CPD Points

Four (4) CPD / VetEd points are awarded to veterinarians for the course. For AVA members these will be automatically lodged with the AVA.


The Discovering Dentistry Day program is best performed in your own practice. It gives us the chance to assess your equipment and your staff more thoroughly and allows all staff to participate in the training. This equates to the best possible return for your training dollars.