What is Involved in a Referral to Sydney Pet Dentistry?

Once the appointment is arranged things are pretty straight forward. Don’t feed your pet on the morning of the consultation in case general anaesthesia is required. If possible make sure your pet goes to the toilet beforehand as well. Aim to arrive approximately 10 mins prior to your scheduled appointment time so your details can be entered into the system.

The consultation and history taking is thorough and an initial assessment of your pets oral health and pain will be given. Consideration will be given to any other health problems your pet may have. A range of options will then be given with an estimate of costs and the most appropriate option for you and your pet can be undertaken.

Many pets will be admitted to hospital and anaesthetised. Anaesthesia is a safe, quick and painless procedure that allows a proper assessment and x-rays of your pets mouth. Then and only then can some dental conditions be properly diagnosed and appropriate treatment given.

Recovering from anaesthesia is usually uneventful and your pet can go home that evening in most cases.

Special note! The risk of anaesthesia is one of the biggest concerns for pet owners in having a dental procedure. Here is what we do to minimise this risk:

  • Great care is taken in the pre-anaesthetic assessment of your pet
  • The Animal Referral Hospital is also an emergency / critical care centre and so is perfect for high risk patients
  • Monitoring of patients before, during and after anaesthesia is highly advanced
  • Each individual has an anaesthetic protocol catered specifically to their needs which takes into account any heart problems, body condition, age and concurrent disease
  • Specialist anaesthetists can be arranged at an extra charge

Please speak to Sydney Pet Dentistry directly if you have any concerns about your pet being anaesthetised.

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