Why Would Anyone Consider Dental Braces in Dogs or Cats?

Dog dental braces is a topic we are often asked about. Cosmetic considerations may be important to some owners, however the real focus of veterinary orthodontics is on making pets with badly positioned teeth comfortable. Animals do not need a perfect or ‘correct’ bite, but they do deserve a comfortable and healthy one.

When dog teeth are in an abnormal position, they may or may not be causing pain or eating difficulties. If they are causing problems for the pet, there are generally three options that may be considered – extraction of the teeth, crown shortening to relieve trauma, or moving the teeth using orthodontic braces or plates. Orthodontics will not always be suitable for every case, but may be worth considering as it can be less invasive than extraction and allow relatively normal function to be maintained.

It should be noted that there are additional ethical issues to consider when weighing up the option of orthodontic treatment in animals that are used for showing or breeding.

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